Is there a sommelier for coffee? (What is a Q Grader?)

If you're new to coffee, you've probably never heard the term “Q-grader.”

But let's start from the beginning. The coffee industry has evolved so that the demands of consumers have caused those who work in it to improve the processes, standards, and ways of evaluating the coffee bean.

For this, the “Q-grader” certification was created. This certification is for a professional in the world of coffee who is officially registered to evaluate and give a score to coffees of all types, but mainly those in the specialty category.

And what does it take to be a Q-grader?

Well, a coffee lover can practice starting by trying all kinds of origins, varieties, processes, and roasts, but to be certified, they will have to pass a series of “sensory” evaluations that verify the person's ability to identify flavors, aromas, fragrance, and body, among other organoleptic factors of the grain.

Fun fact: Our friends who have Q-grader certification say that on the day of the exam, you cannot use perfumes, deodorants with fragrances, or fabric softeners on your clothes. You also cannot smoke, drink alcohol, or eat spicy foods a few days before the exam since these could affect your senses.

We at Killer Coffee, after selecting the coffees we want to work with, send samples to our friend and Q-grader Nicolas Martinez in Veracruz, Mexico. After a score, we ensure that the sensory profile and score are according to our expectations for your palate and a fair payment for the coffee grower.

We will be sharing more information about this profession soon!

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