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Mastering Coffee: Recipes, Brewing Tips, & More!

  • Is there a sommelier for coffee? (What is a Q Grader?)

    If you're new to coffee, you've probably never heard the term “Q-grader.” But let's start from the beginning. The coffee industry has evolved so ...
  • Killer Coffee visiting the Specialty Coffee Expo 2024

    Experience the best of specialty coffee with Killer Coffee at the Specialty Coffee Expo 2024 in Chicago, IL. Dive into the world of coffee excellence with us as we explore the vibrant coffee scene. Don't miss out on this flavorful adventure!
  • What is organic coffee vs regular?

    An organic coffee is produced without the use of harmful chemicals that are harmful to the health of the consumer, the plant/animal, and the environment.
  • Coffee Expo in Miramar, FL: Brewing Community Connections!

    From February 1-3, our journey through the inaugural Coffee Expo at the Civic Center Place in Miramar, Florida, was a good experience. This event w...
  • Sip Vegan Delights: Killer Coffee at Vegandale Festival 2023

    Hey, coffee enthusiasts and plant-based pals! We're thrilled to announce that Killer Coffee, your go-to for Mexican specialty coffee, will be rocking the java scene at the Miami Vegandale Festival on Saturday, December 2, at the picturesque Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.
  • Brewing Up Excitement at the 2023 LPGA Tournament in Sunny Naples, FL!

    Thanks to Let's Chow, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) trusted us with the title of the exclusive food truck for the entire championship – a testament to the quality and uniqueness we brought to the table, or should we say, to the truck.
  • Honoring Our Heroes: Calavera Coffee Truck Joins Boca Raton's Tribute to Veterans

    Community collaboration is important. Let's Chow Food Truck partnership shows businesses can contribute to building a strong community & express gratitude to military service members.
  • We Got a Coffee Truck!

    Exciting News! ☕🚚 We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new coffee truck, rolling now in South Florida! Find out more.
  • Coffee Storage 101: Essential Tips for Keeping Your Coffee Beans Fresh and Full of Flavor

    Let's embark on a journey to discover the secrets of storing coffee beans that will keep your morning ritual consistently divine.
  • Coffee Grind Type Demystified: How to Brew the Perfect Cup

    The secret to a perfect cup of coffee lies in the grind type. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose.
  • Discover the Flavors of Oaxaca: Exploring Coffee & Culinary Delights of Mexico

    Oaxacan cuisine is known for its use of local ingredients as coffee, mezcal and traditional cooking methods, there are also regional variations in the dishes and flavors throughout the state.
  • How Can I make my coffee less bitter?

    Many people think that good coffee has to be bitter and low in acid. If you have learned more about good coffee, you know that the reality is just the opposite.