Coffee Expo in Miramar, FL: Brewing Community Connections!

From February 1-3, our journey through the inaugural Coffee Expo at the Civic Center Place in Miramar, Florida, was a good experience. This event was a dynamic nexus, linking entrepreneurs, importers, exporters, and every link in the coffee production chain — from the hardworking producers to the discerning end-consumer.

coffee expo in miramar florida opening

Immersing ourselves in the collaborative atmosphere, we didn't just attend; we dived into industry insights, mingled with global experts, and enjoyed the diversity of cultures. 

As proud vendors in the Civic Center facilities, our coffee truck, affectionately named "Skully," became the heartbeat of our participation. Here, we didn't just serve coffee; we connected with other coffee business owners and, of course, coffee lovers. 

coffee truck in miramar florida

But it wasn't just about the caffeine fix; it was about connections. The expo provided us with the unique opportunity to rub shoulders with influential personalities from both the country and our beloved local hub, South Florida.

killer coffee at the coffee expo


The aroma of freshly brewed coffee was not just a scent but a symbol of community, collaboration, and a shared passion for the perfect cup. Our participation in the Coffee Expo wasn't merely about showcasing our coffee; it was about becoming an integral part of a thriving coffee culture.

coffee expo miramar talks


Thanks to the City of Miramar for inviting us. Until the next pour! ☕✨

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