Killer Coffee visiting the Specialty Coffee Expo 2024

At Killer Coffee, we're passionate about bringing you the finest Mexican specialty coffee, and what better way to immerse ourselves in the world of coffee excellence than by attending the Specialty Coffee Expo 2024 in the vibrant city of Chicago, IL, organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of the USA.


The expo serves as a bustling nexus, uniting every facet of the coffee industry under one roof – from dedicated farmers and skilled baristas to meticulous roasters, diligent importers, and innovative machinery suppliers.

It's a celebration of all things coffee, encompassing everything from the earthy aroma of freshly roasted beans to the intricacies of latte art and the delicate art of cupping.



This year, over 250 exhibitors dazzled attendees with their innovations and passion for the bean, showcasing the very best in coffee-related products and services.

Among the highlights were the prestigious Best New Product Winners, a testament to the industry's continuous evolution and commitment to excellence.


For us at Killer Coffee, the expo was more than just a showcase; it was a platform for forging meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who share our values of transparency and sustainability.

We seized the opportunity to network with importers, exporters, and producers dedicated to fair trade practices and environmental stewardship, ensuring that every sip of Killer Coffee supports ethical sourcing and responsible farming practices.


But the excitement didn't stop there – the expo also played host to thrilling competitions, including the United States Barista Championship, where top talents showcased their skills in crafting the perfect cup.

Meanwhile, SCA conferences and workshops provided invaluable insights, allowing us to stay at the forefront of industry trends and innovations.

In summary, the Specialty Coffee Expo 2024 was a celebration of passion, innovation, and community – values that resonate deeply with Killer Coffee and our commitment to delivering the ultimate coffee experience to our customers.

As we reflect on our experience in Chicago, we're inspired to continue pushing the boundaries of coffee excellence and sharing our love for exceptional Mexican coffee with coffee enthusiasts worldwide.☕️✨

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