Vegandale Fest Miami 2022

vegandale fest in miami 2022

North America's fastest-growing vegan festival “Vegandale fest” had its first annual edition in Miami, Florida last May 21st, 2022, at the historic Virginia Key Beach Park.

The festival was a unique event and we want to share our experience with you!

How it started?

“It all started with one collective of vegan businesses in the Toronto neighborhood of Parkdale – coined Vegandale. We couldn’t contain this premiere destination for the vegan and vegan-curious in just one city block. So we pack up our vegan experiences and join forces with like-minded vendors and sponsors to promote a world where animal exploitation is a thing of the past.” 

The organizers run the festival now in 5 cities:


We at Killer Coffee were immediately thrilled to be part of the Vegandale festival and we knew that it was a perfect event for us, where specialty coffee and non-dairy beverages could not be missing.

killer coffee clients at vegandale fest

Looking at the previous editions, we were pumped to participate in this event that promotes eating in a conscientious way, while offering good music and art, and of course, food delights and beverages.

girls at vegandale fest miami 2022

With over 10,000 attendees and nearly 100 vendors, 25 coming from as far as California, Oregon, the Philippines, and beyond, this vegan festival was full of good vibes and exciting innovative foods.

food at vegandale fest miami

The festival featured everything from plant-based burgers to ice cream, cheese—all of which were made from ingredients like nuts and seeds instead of animal products—. The festival also included several cooking innovations and brands focusing on veganism in general.

The entrance tickets (yes, you have to buy one) range from $5 as an early bird, $10, $15, and $20 on the same day of the event. The festival runs from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Live music and DJ, contests and art installations are part of the fun at this event.

killer coffee at vegandale fest miami


What did we bring?

Our Killer Coffee Menu:

For this event we prepared 5 caffeinated drinks:

  • Ginger Cold Brew
  • Horchata Iced Latte
  • Iced Latte
  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Americano

ginger cold brew coffeehorchata cold brew coffee

Our customers could choose between Almond and Soy milk to complement their drinks. Obviously, you couldn't miss our Killer Coffee bags from Veracruz, Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Guerrero as well as our cool t-shirts, and other merch!



In this edition 85 vendors participated, among them:

vegandale vendors miami

Official vendor lineup 


Our favorite vendor

 It was (obviously after our coffee): Conscious Kitchen Miami, they have delicious vegan sandwiches, you can find them at the Coconut Grove Farmers Market every Saturday.

In summary:

If you are 100% vegan or curious about changing your eating habits and live in South Florida, because of the event, you will discover a bunch of South Florida vegan places you might never heard about. 

Get there hungry and early, and know that you might expect long lines after 12 pm! Check more moments of Miami Vegandale fest and  their upcoming fest in Toronto on August 6, 2022!

You can not miss Miami festivals throughout the year, if you like to try new things, check out the latest food and drink trends as well as support small local businesses in South Florida. 

killer coffee team at vegandale fest

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