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best Coffee maker recipe

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We know it's not rocket science, but you can prepare (or improve) a good cup of coffee with these tips.

Iced Coffee is also a good switch you can do with your standard filter coffee maker.

Making Coffee with a Regular Coffee Maker

To determine the ideal grind of your coffee beans, be sure to observe how thin your paper filters are or, with a plastic basket, how fine the filter mesh is. 

Remember, the filter of any coffee maker plays a large role in the result of your coffee.  

Coffee grinds that are more coarse are going to create coffee with lighter body and more acidity in this type of coffee maker.

Coffee grinds that are more fine are going to create coffee with heavier body, more bitterness and more caffeine too.

We recommend these grinds:

  • Medium-Fine

  • Medium (similar to¬†sugar)

  • Medium-Coarse

Grind Coffee guide

Now let's check the Coffee Ratio:

  • 15-20 grams/3 tbsp of medium ground coffee per cup.
  • 350ml/12oz water¬†per cup.

*We recommend taking notes as you try new ways to prepare your coffee to find your perfect cup.


Since there are thousands of models and brands of coffee makers we recommend to follow the manufacturer directions, but try to stick to our coffee ratios and you will see a big difference in your cup, A BALANCED CUP!.

Here you have some of them: Hamilton Beach, Keurig, and Cuisinart.

Pro Tip. Use a little hot water to pre-heat your cup (the one you are using to drink your coffee) while the brewing is in process. Discard the water after 1 minute. This will help to preserve the temperature of your freshly brewed coffee.

When your machine indicates the coffee is ready, turn the heat off or remove the carafe from the heater. We don't want to burn the coffee! 

That's it! Don't forget that recipes are not written in stone and you can play with ratios, we recommend to not go under 15 grams or over 30 grams to have a balanced coffee flavor in your cup.

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