French Press Coffee Recipe: How to prepare a French Press Coffee?

Best French Press Recipe
how to make a french press

If you love coffee with character or you are looking to  try something a little more intense, French Press is for you.

Prepare a rich and full bodied cup to satisfy your palate at any time. If you have never used a french press before, no worries it is very easy and a practical way to make coffee.


French Press Brew Guide

We are gong to start with a single cup size (12oz) but depending on the size of French Press you have at home you can just multiply accordingly to get a perfect result. If you do not have a french press but would like to give it a try check out the Bodum French press.

Our French Press Coffee Ratio

How to use a french press? Recipe Instructions:

  1. Place the French Press on a flat surface, hold the handle firmly, and pull the plunger up and out of the carafe.
  2. Pour a little bit of hot water into the carafe (about 90ÂșC/195ÂșF) to preheat the glass. Discard the water after a few seconds.
  3. Add 20 grams or 3.5 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee.
  4. Pour the hot water filling the glass about 1/4 full and let the coffee bloom start, after 30 seconds stir with wooden spoon.
  5. Continue pouring the rest of water until it is about 3/4 full leaving some room for the plunger on top.
  6. Leave for four minutes to brew, then slowly lower the plunger pushing the ground coffee the bottom. Leaving the plunger pressed to the bottom, turn the lid to open the spout and pour yourself a delicious cup of joe.

French Press Brewing Guide

And that's it!
 If your feeling fancy or want to be a pro, get your scale with a built-in timer to prepare a consistent cup. Don't forget that recipes are not written in stone and you can play with ratios, we recommend to not go under 16 grams or over 30 grams to have a balanced coffee flavor in your cup.

French Press Coffee Ratio

In case you are wondering "What can I make with a french press?" We also have a Cold Brew French Press Recipe that you can try if you want to use this coffee maker for iced coffee drinks.