Cold Brew Coffee Recipe 7 EASY STEPS

How to Prepare Cold Brew Coffee
how to make cold brew coffee

Hot day, cold brew? SavorĀ this refreshing recipe in theĀ comfort of your own home.

From ICED LATTESĀ to cocktails,Ā frappes and many more, this caffeinated coffee concentrate forms the base for a variety of refreshments.

ColdĀ Brew Guide

Less acidic, less bitter and more sweet. That's how we describe the attributes of this cold extracted coffee infusion.Ā 

It consists of ground coffee beans brewed in cold water for an extended period of time (typically 8 to 24 hours) to create a smooth, flavorful coffee extract that will preserve its freshness for two weeks when refrigerated.Ā 



Cold Brew Water-Coffee Ratio full recipe:

  • 340 grams or 12 ozĀ  ground Killer CoffeeĀ 
  • 1600 ml or 54oz cold water

*You can also substitute part of the water with ice using 1300ml water and 300 grams of ice cubes.

Half recipe:

If you donā€™t want to use your whole bag for one batch, simply divide everything in half like this:

  • 170 grams/6 oz of ground coffee
  • 800ml/27 oz cold water

*We use the Original Toddy recipe, one of our favorites. For more options and ready-to-drink cold brew infusions, you can take a look at our Recipes.

āš”āš”But hey! If you don't have a toddy (which is 99.9% possible) just use any pitcher or hermetic container with a lid. Drain with a mesh or cheesecloth and you will have a nice result too.

toddy cold brew coffee maker

This is a toddy, is a bucket-like container, our favorite to prepare cold brew.

mason jar mesh lid for cold brew

Ā But if you don't have one, just use an hermetic container with lid.


How do you grind coffee for a toddy?

There is a rule in the coffee rule: recipes are not written in stone, so here we share what we have tried after hundreds of prepared batches in our previous coffee shop:

Coarse grind:

This is like sea salt coarse, exactly what you would use for a french press.

Medium grind:

This would be the same grind as regular sugar, the same you would use for your regular drip machine.


The difference?

The finer the coffee the MORE INTENSE your concentrate will be. That means:

More concentrated> fewer ounces needed for your drink.

Less concentrated>more ounces needed for your drink.

We prefer using MEDIUM roast since you can taste easily the natural coffee notes: fruits, chocolates, etc. If you are aĀ  black cold brew coffee drinker you would love it.


Cold Brew Coffee recipe:

  1. From the outside of the brewing container, insert the stopper into the bottom.Dampen the filter and place it in the bottom of the brewing container. If you are using a jar, just make sure is clean.toddy cold brew container

  2. Add add 100 grams of Killer coffee grounds and then one cup of water into the bottom of your Toddy Cold Brew container.making a cold brew coffee with a toddy

  3. Slowly pour 1 more cup of water over the grounds and make sure that all are saturated evenly.pouring water in a cold brew

  4. Add another 100 grams of coffee grounds ā€“ BUT DO NOT STIR this time.Ā ice with cold brew

  5. Repeat the previous stepĀ with the remaining coffee and water.Use a spoon to gently pack down on the top grounds to make sure that they are saturated as well.
    cold brew coffee preparation
  6. For a perfect cold brew with the Toddy Cold Brew System, let the Killer Coffee grounds brew for a minimum of 12 hours.

  7. Remove the stopper from the bottom and let your cold brew flow into the glass decanter that is included in your toddy. Donā€™t worry if you donā€™t have a glass decanter any glass bottle or jar works fine.

Don't forget, this coffee is CONCENTRATED! It should be diluted or mixed into one of those fancy drink recipes. We normally use 1-2oz per drink, or get in touch with your adventurous side and experiment a little.


cold brew coffee concentrate recipe

Cold brew coffee cocktail

How long does it take to brew a cold brew?

The trend goes from 8 hours to 24 hours.Ā We love the 24 hours cold brew result. But if you just want to do it overnight is also a great result.

Many people do more hours, and we have forgotten many times to filter after 24 hours, so be careful with the caffeine punchšŸ˜‚ the more brewing time, the more caffeine is released.

How much cold brew does the toddy make?

If you follow the full recipe quantities, after you filter, you would get about 500ml/17oz. It sounds so few, but remember this is a concentrate, and you would need just 1oz/1.5oz/2oz per drink.

How many cups of coffee are in a toddy cold brew?

That depends on the type of cup you are thinking of. Also, this recipe is concentrated, so if it's a big coffee cup like the ones in a coffee shop (16oz) you would get just one.

If you ask How many drinks we can prepare with this recipe? We like to use 1.5 oz per drink so about 11 drinks!


Do the math, in a coffee shop a 12oz cold brew cost an average of $4 so that would cost $44 dollars in your pocket.


Ā If you already are a Cold brew coffee home brewer and if you donā€™t use a toddy, share with us what is the most creative way you have done it!

To finalize, in case you are wondering "What can I make with a Cold Brew Concentrate?" (smoothies, frappes, cold brew iced cubes, carajillos, irish coffee, iced lattes, affogatos and the list goes on!)Ā  We will be postingĀ Cold Brew CocktailĀ RecipesĀ toĀ try if you want to use this coffee concentrateĀ for other delicious iced coffee drinks.