Cold Brew Coffee Recipe: Steps to prepare Homemade Cold Brew

How to Prepare Cold Brew Coffee
how to make cold brew coffee

Hot day, cold brew? Savor this refreshing recipe in the comfort of your own home.

From iced lattes to cocktails, desserts and many more, this caffeinated coffee concentrate forms the base for a variety of refreshments.

Cold Brew Guide

Less bitter. More sweet and acidic. That's how we describe the attributes of this cold extracted coffee infusion. 

It consists of ground coffee beans steeped for an extended period of time (typically 8 to 24 hours) to create a smooth, flavorful coffee extract that will preserve its freshness for two weeks when refrigerated.  

Cold Brew Coffee Ratio:

  • 340 grams of coarse ground Killer Coffee (similar to the granularity of¬†sea salt)
  • 1600 ml water (you can also substitute part of the water with ice using¬†1300ml water and 300 grams of ice cubes) .

*We use the Original Toddy recipe, one of our favorites. For more options and ready-to-drink cold brew infusions you can take a look in their website.

‚ö°‚ö°But hey! If you don't have a toddy (which is 99.9% possible) just use any pitcher or hermetic container with a lid. Drain with a mesh or cheesecloth and you will have a nice result too.

toddy cold brew coffee maker

mason jar mesh lid for cold brew

how to store cold brew coffee at home


Cold Brew Coffee recipe:

  1. From the outside of the brewing container, insert the stopper into the bottom.Dampen the filter and place it in the bottom of the brewing container.

  2. Add one cup of water into the bottom of your Toddy Cold Brew container, and then add 100 grams of Killer coffee grounds.

  3. Slowly pour 1 more cup of water over the grounds and make sure that all are saturated evenly.

  4. Add another 100 grams of coffee grounds ‚Äď BUT DO NOT STIR this time.¬†

  5. Repeat the previous step with the remaining coffee and water.Use a spoon to gently pack down on the top grounds to make sure that they are saturated as well.

  6. For a perfect cold brew with the Toddy Cold Brew System, let the Killer Coffee grounds steep for a minimum of 12 hours.

  7. Remove the stopper from the bottom and let your cold brew flow into the glass decanter.

Don't forget, this coffee is CONCENTRATED! It should be diluted or mixed into one of those fancy drink recipes. We normally use 1-2oz per drink, or get in touch with your adventurous side and experiment a little.


cold brew coffee concentrate recipe

Cold brew coffee cocktail

In case you are wondering "What can I make with a Cold Brew Concentrate?" (smoothies, frappes, cold brew iced cubes, carajillos, irish coffee, iced lattes, affogatos and the list goes on!)  We will be posting Cold Brew Cocktail Recipes to try if you want to use this coffee concentrate for other delicious iced coffee drinks.