Nitro Cold Brew Recipe

nitro cold brew homemade

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We know that sometimes you look for new ways to prepare your favorite coffee.





Either because you got bored of the same coffee beverage or because you are curious and want to try new presentations with the same coffee we want to share the homemade and less expensive way to make this delicious coffee drink called nitro cold brew coffee!

Nitro coffee is iced coffee that is velvety and creamy and skyrocketed a few years ago with the baristas at every corner coffee shop.

It is infused initially with a commercial-grade nitro machine that infuses nitrogen to make draft drinks sweeter, thicker, and creamier without adding calories. It is widely used in beer, where a nitrogen tank or keg is used.

cold brew draft

In our case, the homemade version will not use a nitrogen tank, but we will use the mini version, which is non-N2O (Nitrous Oxide) nitrogen capsules, the same used to prepare the whipped cream.

whipped cream dispenser


You will need the following:

  • A whipped cream dispenser (amazon)
  • N2O capsules (amazon)
  • Cold brewed coffee ready to drink (don’t use concentrate)

Some people already have a whipped cream dispenser, meaning someone in your house likes baking!

If you still don't know how to prepare cold brew, I recommend using our recipe; remember that it is a concentrate, and you must dilute it to make it ready to drink.


  • 2oz cold brew concentrate
  • 12 oz cold water (for a 500ml/16oz whipped cream dispenser)

 2 servings.


  • Pour this ready-to-drink cold brew into the siphon
  • Put the lid of the siphon and close it
  • Place the NO2 capsule in the cartridge holder and close it well until you hear the release of the gas
  • Shake the siphon for 30 seconds to ensure that the gas is distributed throughout the bottle and begins to generate the desired texture.



  • To allow gas to form, only fill the siphon up to 50%-75% maximum with coffee.
  • Make sure to shake the siphon every 24 hours to extend the life of the nitrogen cartridge.
  • Some people recommend waiting a minimum of 5 minutes to allow gas to form after shaking, then before serving, shake again.


And that's it! It seems like a lot of work, but it's a matter of practice. We love this method that creates a miniature "waterfall" of nitrogen as the beverage is poured.

Is Nitro coffee good/bad for you?

Nitrogen gas has been used in beverages for many years, mainly beers, so it is safe to drink and is an alternative to carbon dioxide used in sodas. The difference is that the nitrogen creates smaller bubbles, and the overall texture is creamier.

What is special about nitro cold brew?

Nitrogen gas also adds a bit of sweetness to the drink, so it works great with coffee, so you don't need to add anything else. The waterfall effect that falls to the bottom of the glass when you serve it is a visual appeal that we all drinkers love. Nitrogen also works as a preservative, but we recommend consuming your nitro cold brew coffee as soon as possible.

 nitro cold brew velvety

Does nitro coffee taste different?

It is a little sweet, low in acidity, and creamy, which is pleasant on the palate. Also, for those who are not lactose tolerant, it is a perfect drink since it does not need any milk.

homemade nitro coffee

Can I prepare nitro coffee without the cartridges?

Yes, if your budget is a little loose, you can check this Nitro Brew Home Kit; the interesting part is air is 80% nitrogen already, so this device uses an air compressor to create this foamy effect on any beverage!

What about the amount of caffeine in a nitro cold brew?

This beverage is based on cold brew coffee, which is prepared to steep the coffee grounds longer than a drip coffee machine so that you will get more caffeine with a nitro cold brew:


Cold brew 24h (250ml) 280ml caffeine

Drip coffee (250ml) 170ml caffeine


Are you ready to make your nitro coffee?